Debunking the Fallacious Argument of Impure Virtue...


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Hello again, dear Steemians!

Have you ever considered the true weight of noble deeds that we perform in our lifetime? How does that affect our personality and our fate?

A lot of people see this world as a big showdown of light against darkness, two sides of right and wrong that dance in a battle for perpetuity.

Their eternal rhythm of nobility versus greed, sacrifice versus selfishness, and virtue versus sin is what defines the fate of the world.

But on the other side of the coin, there are people who believe that the world is not just about light or darkness, but it is fundamentally grey; good deeds and evil acts are a part of us all, and we are the ones who decide what to do with either sides of our nature.

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Whatever your belief regarding the matter, today I want us to embark on a thoughtful journey about the importance of virtue and helping others in life. But first, we need to hear an argument.

Some people believe that there is no true and pure virtue in this world, that even when we perform good deeds, there is always a reward for us in them.

For example, you may do good onto others because you are hoping that one day, they might repay your kindness. You may do good onto others because somehow, it will make you feel good about yourself and lift the burdens of your conscience.

In this manner of thinking, there is no pure virtue, but everything is done because of our own benefits.

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There are many who want to think that this argument is true. Because then, the need for doing noble deeds would slowly vanish from their thoughts, and they would be afflicted with a wrong thought pattern that we know as ‘indifference’ towards the world around them.

But they do not understand that the argument of impure virtue is fundamentally fallacious in many regards.

The result of you doing a good deed for other people is not one-sided. That is the mistake we make when we think about our good deeds. It is not just the benefits of you in the matter, but the fact that you HAVE done something good for someone, and have changed their life for the better as a result.

What I am trying to say is that your benefit or your reason for doing a good deed is not relevant to the argument, because by doing a good deed, you have already made someone’s life better.

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To think that by doing something good for others, you are only feeding your own benefits is nothing but egotistical, because you are forgetting the fact that in the first step, you have actually helped someone.

There is no such thing as impure virtue. It is important that you do something good out of selflessness, but doing something good because there might be a chance of reward in it for you does not make it any less virtuous and righteous.

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Even doing something out of sacrifice is in a way beneficial to your soul and conscience, as it will make you feel good about yourself. This ultimately proves that the argument regarding impure virtue is nothing but fallacious and wrong.

When you decide to do something good for others, do not think about yourself.

Your presence in this equation is irrelevant, and the most important factor of all is the other person and what they will gain from your deed.




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